The objective of B.Voc. (Beauty Therapy and Aesthetics) is to provide students with specialized vocational skills and knowledge required to excel in the beauty and wellness industry. The program is designed to offer comprehensive training in various aspects of beauty therapy, aesthetics, and related fields such as hair care, nail care, skincare, and makeup.

The course aims to develop students’ practical skills, theoretical knowledge, and professionalism to meet the demands of the beauty and wellness industry. Students learn about the latest trends, techniques, and technologies in the field and gain hands-on experience through practical training and internships.

The program also focuses on developing students’ communication, interpersonal, and entrepreneurial skills to help them succeed in the industry. Upon completion of the course, students can work as beauty therapists, aestheticians, makeup artists, beauty consultants, spa managers, and wellness experts, among other career options.


Upon graduation, students would be able to:-

  • Exhibit understanding of Industrial work culture.
  • Develop professional skills through quality education & research.
  • Outreach various sectors of society through interdisciplinary programmers and practical oriented approach.
  • Create dynamic, logical and effective leaders with inspiring mindsets.
  • Identify opportunities, define problems and find solutions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to identify a business problem, isolate its key components, analyze and assess the salient issues, set appropriate criteria for decision making, and draw appropriate conclusions and implications for proposed solutions.
  • Demonstrate the capabilities required to apply cross-functional knowledge.
  • Solve real-world business problems and demonstrate use of appropriate techniques teffectively manage business challenges.
  • Recognizing and resolving ethical issues.
  • Communicate effectively: be it business, management.
  • Possess a strong foundation for their higher studies.
  • Become employable in various companies and government jobs.


Beauty therapy courses can offer many advantages to both the students and the owners. Many
skincare professionals seek formal training by completing certificate, diploma or associate
degree programs. Skin care professionals often include salon-style laboratories where students
blend skin care theory with actual skin care procedures. Such programs combine knowledge
and study of the skin, clinical treatments and aesthetic applications with hands-on training.
The health and beauty industry is growing rapidly. New treatments and technologies are
constantly being developed in the field. After completing the degree in this field, students will
get a variety of career options to choose from. One can become a Beauty Therapist, Nail
Technician, Make-up Artist, Massage Therapist, Salon Owner, Cosmetic Counter Consultant,
Beauty Consultant, Hair Stylist, and even run your own beauty business. It’s a flexible role
which provides an unlimited scope for growth and development


Candidate must have passed 10+2 from a recognized board.