“The mind is like an umbrella-it functions best when open”

To infuse technology into learning, in the early years of the program, Modern Group Of Colleges have focused on getting teachers ready for an environment where every student has at least one technology device at their fingertips. Virtual LabsIndian Institute of Technology,Delhi lends itself to a blended approach to teaching and the ability to collaborate with other teachers to create assignments that connect curriculums so that learning is more meaningful and relevant. In today’s times there is an important view that organizations form on the investments in human capital and enterprise IT systems with enterprise success metrics such as revenue, profitability, knowledge measurement, retention, and talent attraction. E-learning provides a foundation for performance monitoring that makes those correlations between people and learning technologies possible.

• Technology and Learning can enable education that is not anymore limited to a particular region or age group.

• It will be learning anything, anytime, and anywhere from multiple authorities from the comfort of your home, village, town, city from any web-enabled device.

• It will lend a helping hand in the process of identification of brilliant global students living in villages of India, based on their ability to interact within an intelligent e-learning environment.

Modern group of colleges has partnerships with various e-learning platforms to provide students access to various courses on these platforms:



IIT Virtual Labs