Internal Complaint Committee (ICC)

Internal Complaints Committee will examine all matters related to the issue of gender-based violence and will make suggestions and proposals to the institute administration regarding such matters. The committee will arrange a gender sensitization programme.

Objective and Role of ICC:

1) To take consistent action for prevention, prohibition, and redressal of complaints received regarding sexual harassment and gender discrimination of women personnel at the workplace

2)  Make recommendations to the management to lay down procedures for the prohibition, resolution, settlement, and prosecution of acts of discrimination and sexual harassment, by the students and the employees.

3)  Deal with cases of discrimination and sexual harassment against women, in a time-bound manner, aiming at ensuring support services to the victimized and termination of the harassment.

The members constituting the committee are as follows:

Sr. No.                         Name                                                  Designation   

  1.                         Dr. Hitanshu Kumar                           Chairperson
  2.                         Iqbal Singh                                         Member
  3.                         Sarishta                                               Member
  4.                         Sukhjinder Singh                                Member
  5.                         Anu Bala                                             Member
  6.                         Neha Jaryal                                         Member
  7.                         Sunny                                                  Member
  8.                         Divya                                                  Member
  9.                         Taruna Thakur                                    Member

Students :

Sr. No.                   Name                          Class & Sem

  1.                         Saksha                         B.Sc Agriculture (Hons.) 7th Sem
  2.                         Jaspreet Kaur              B.Sc MLS 5th Sem
  3.                         Avantika                     B.Com 5th Sem
  4.                         Daljeet                        BBA 5th Sem
  5.                         Sonam Yanzin            B.Tech Civil 7th Sem
  6.                         Divyanshi Vaid           B.Tech CSE 7th Sem

The Complaints Committee will deal with the complaints received if any, and conduct review regarding preparedness to deal and counsel the victim.