Vision of the Department

 The vision of Fashion Designing is to create a premier design academy that is globally recognized for its educational, experience, knowledge, and outreach and is able to transform young youth through career-focused creative design education into good human beings, globally employable professionals, leading in multitasking along with deep and keen knowledge that makes them highly mature, productive and profit-making professionals who can fit in everywhere and surpass the industry expectations.


  • To offer a broad range of career-based programs with up-to-date infrastructure and highly qualified and dedicated staff members, to students coming from Higher Secondary School and Diploma streams.
  • To offer need-based and customized continuing education and training courses to the community at large and participate actively in social responsibility initiatives through MOUs with corporate organizations.
  • To respect and demonstrate the core values of equity, teamwork, environment-friendliness, and transparency.


The Department of Fashion Designing was established in 2018 with the purpose of providing high-quality education in the field of Garment designing and Textiles. B.Sc Fashion Designing at MGC is a 3-year program that enriches students with the best designing notions and trained them to become stylists. A customized atelier for students is provided to enhance their product knowledge and skills. This program enriches the creativity of students to become World-class Fashion Designers and provides a platform to become entrepreneurs by establishing their own labels and brands.