• The primary objective of this program is to provide, building expertise through well planned on-field implementation and testing of basic concepts in production, yield enhancement disease resistant and better shelf life of food and flora. Creating professionals to tackle the crop from seed to stomach.


Knowledge Enhancement

  • The curriculum imparts fundamental knowledge about cultivation practices in agriculture, horticulture crops and sustainable and precision farming.

Experiential Learning

  • Through Rural Agriculture Work Experience (RAWE) programme the students develop real time understanding on conventional agriculture methods and effective dissemination of knowledge to the farmers.

Field Visits

  • In order to provide basic understanding on emerging problems and technologies involved in agriculture field visits are conducted to neighbouring form, orchards and nurseries.

Professional Enhancement

  • In addition to core curricula, course offers subjects like communication and soft skills to enhance personality and employability.


  • Students can attain positions as Agriculture Inspectors, Agriculture Officers, POs, Food Quality Inspectors, Agriculture Development Officer, Horticulture Development Officer, Technical Assistants and Administrative posts in Government and Non-Government Organisations.

Eligibility Criteria

  • All those candidates who have passed 10+2 science stream or its equivalent in Physics/ Chemistry/ Biology / Maths from recognized Board/ University / Council.
  • Enrol yourself at Modern Group of Colleges and take the privilege to study B.Sc. Agriculture College in Punjab


  • Admission are made directly on the basis of marks obtained in 10+2 Online registration can be made on our MGC website after 10+2 exams.

Course Curriculum


S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-101-19Fundamentals of Horticulture
2.BSAG-102-19Fundamentals of soil science
3.BSAG-103-19Introduction  to forestry
4.BSAG-104-19Comprehension &Communication Skills in English
5.BSAG-105-19Fundamentals of Agronomy
6.BSAG-106-19 (A)Introductory Biology*
7.BSAG-106-19 (B)Elementary Mathematics**
8.BSAG-107-19Agricultural Heritage
9.BSAG-108-19Rural Sociology & Educational Psychology
10.BSAG-109-19Human values and Ethics
11.BSAG-110-19Fundamentals of Horticulture (Practical)
12.BSAG-111-19Fundamentals of soil science (Practical)
13.BSAG-112-19Introduction  to forestry (Practical)
14.BSAG-113-19Comprehension & Communication Skills in English (Practical)
15.BSAG-114-19Fundamentals of Agronomy (Practical)
16.BSAG-115-19Introductory Biology (Practical)
17.BSAG-116-19NSS/NCC/Physical Education & Yoga Practices

Semester- Second

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-201-19Fundamentals of Genetics
2.BSAG-202-19Agricultural Microbiology
3.BSAG-203-19Soil and water Conservation Engineering
4.BSAG-204-19Fundamentals of Crop Physiology
5.BSAG-205-19Fundamentals of Agricultural Economics
6.BSAG-206-19Fundamentals of Plant Pathology
7.BSAG-207-19Fundamentals of Entomology
8.BSAG-208-19Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education
9.BSAG-209-19Communication Skills and  Personality Development
10.BSAG-210-19Fundamentals of Genetics (Practical)
11.BSAG-211-19Agricultural Microbiology (Practical)
12.BSAG-212-19Soil and Water Conservation Engineering (Practical)
13.BSAG-213-19Fundamentals of Crop Physiology (Practical)
14.BSAG-214-19Fundamentals of Plant Pathology (Practical)
15.BSAG-215-19Fundamentals of Entomology (Practical)
16.BSAG-216-19Fundamentals of Agricultural Extension Education (Practical)
17.BSAG-217-19Communication Skills and  Personality Development (Practical)

Semester- Third

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-301-19Crop Production Technology –I (Kharif Crops)
2.BSAG-302-19Fundamentals of Plant Breeding
3.BSAG-303-19Agricultural Finance and Cooperation
5.BSAG-305-19Farm Machinery and Power
6.BSAG-306-19Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices
7.BSAG-307-19Environmental Studies and Disaster Management
8.BSAG-308-19Statistical Methods
9.BSAG-309-19Livestock and Poultry Management
10.BSAG-310-19Crop Production Technology –I (Kharif Crops) (Practical)
11.BSAG-311-19Fundamentals of Plant Breeding(Practical)
12.BSAG-312-19Agricultural Finance and Cooperation (Practical)
13.BSAG-313-19Agri-Informatics (Practical)
14.BSAG-314-19Farm Machinery and Power (Practical)
15.BSAG-315-19Production Technology for Vegetables and Spices (Practical)
16.BSAG-316-19Environmental Studies and Disaster Management (Practical)
17.BSAG-317-19Livestock and PoultryManagement (Practical)

Semester- Fourth

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-401-19Crop Production Technology –II (Rabi Crops)
2.BSAG-402-19Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping
3.BSAG-403-19Renewable Energy and Green Technology
4.BSAG-404-19Problematic Soils and their Management
5.BSAG-405-19Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops
6.BSAG-406-19Principles of Seed Technology
7.BSAG-407-19Farming System & Sustainable Agriculture
8.BSAG-408-19Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices
9.BSAG-409-19Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change
10.BSAG-XXX-19Elective Course-I*
11.BSAG-410-19Crop Production Technology –II (Rabi Crops) (Practical)
12.BSAG-411-19Production Technology for Ornamental Crops, MAP and Landscaping (Practical)
13.BSAG-412-19Renewable Energy and Green Technology(Practical)
14.BSAG-413-19Production Technology for Fruit and Plantation Crops (Practical)
15.BSAG-414-19Principles of Seed Technology (Practical)
16.BSAG-415-19Agricultural Marketing Trade & Prices (Practical)
17.BSAG-416-19Introductory Agro-meteorology & Climate Change (Practical)
18.BSAG-XXX-19Elective Course-I (Practical)*

Semester- Fifth

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-501-19Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management
2.BSAG-502-19Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management
3.BSAG-503-19Pests of Crops, Stored Grains and their Management
4.BSAG-504-19Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management -I
5.BSAG-505-19Crop Improvement-I (Kharif Crops)
6.BSAG-506-19Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication
7.BSAG-507-19Geo-informatics, Nano-technology and Precision Farming
8.BSAG-508-19Intellectual Property Rights
9.BSAG-XXX-19Elective Course-II*
10.BSAG-509-19Principles of Integrated Pest and Disease Management(Practical)
11.BSAG-510-19Manures, Fertilizers and Soil Fertility Management(Practical)
12.BSAG-511-19Pests of Crops, Stored Grains and their Management(Practical)
13.BSAG-512-19Diseases of Field and Horticultural Crops and their Management -I(Practical)
14.BSAG-513-19Crop Improvement-I (Kharif Crops) (Practical)
15.BSAG-514-19Entrepreneurship Development and Business Communication (Practical)
16.BSAG-515-19Geo-informatics, Nano-technology and Precision Farming(Practical)
17.BSAG-516-19Practical Crop Production –I (Kharif crops) (Practical)
18.BSAG-XXX-19Elective Course-II (Practical)*

Semester- Sixth

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-601-19Crop Residue Management
2.BSAG-602-19Diseases of Horticultural Crops and their Management
3.BSAG-603-19Flower Cultivation and Landscape Gardening
4.BSAG-604-19Breeding of Field and Horticultural Crops
5.BSAG-605-19Environmental Science and Disaster Management
6.BSAG-606-19Fundamentals of Agri-business Management
7.BSAG-607-19Protected Cultivation and Post-Harvest Technology
8.BSAG-608-19Renewable Energy
9.BSAG-609-19Post-harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables
10.BSAG-610-19Practical Crop Production-II (Rabi Crops)
11.BSAG-611-19Diseases of Horticultural Crops and their Management(Practical)
12.BSAG-612-19Flower Cultivation and Landscape Gardening(Practical)
13.BSAG-613-19Breeding of Field and Horticultural Crops(Practical)
14.BSAG-614-19Protected Cultivation and Post-Harvest Technology(Practical)
15.BSAG-615-19Renewable Energy(Practical)
16.BSAG-616-19Post-harvest Management of Fruits and Vegetables (Practical)

Semester- Seventh

Compulsory syllabus for streams of VII Semester

S.No.Course codeCourse Title
1.BSAG-701-19Diseases of field crops and their management
2.BSAG-702-19Introduction  to Molecular biotechnology
3.BSAG-703-19Diseases of field crops and their management (Practical)
4.BSAG-704-19Introduction to molecular biotechnology (Practical)

Elective specialized courses:

  1. Crop science (Soil, Agronomy and Agro-forestry)
S.No.Course CodeCourse Name
1.BSAG-CS701Soil physical and biological environment
2.BSAG-CS702Analytical technique in soils, plants, fertilizers, and water
3.BSAG-CS703Weed management
4.BSAG-CS704Farming system and sustainable agriculture
5.BSAG-CS705Production technology of species, Aromatic, mechanical and plantation crops
6.BSAG-CS706Production technology of economic Forest trees
7.BSAG-CS707Soil survey, Classification and Mapping (Practical)
8.BSAG-CS708Soil physical and biological environment (Practical)
9.BSAG-CS709Analytical technique in soils, plants, fertilizers, and water (Practical)
10.BSAG-CS710Weed management (Practical)
11BSAG-CS711 Farming system and sustainable agriculture (Practical)
12.BSAG-CS712Production technology of species, Aromatic, mechanical and plantation crops  (Practical)
13.BSAG-CS713Production technology of economic Forest trees (Practical)
  • Horticulture (Pomology, olericulture and Floriculture)
S.No.Course CodeCourse Name
1.BSAG-HC701Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops
2.BSAG-HC702Commercial Fruit Production
3.BSAG-HC703Processing and Value Addition of Horticultural Crops
4.BSAG-HC704Commercial Vegetable Production
5.BSAG-HC705Vegetable Breeding and Seed Production
6.BSAG-HC706Forcing Techniques in Vegetable Production
7.BSAG-HC707Commercial Floriculture and Landscaping
8.BSAG-HC708Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops (Practical)
9.BSAG-HC709Commercial Fruit Production (Practical)
10.BSAG-HC710Processing and Value Addition of Horticultural Crops (Practical)
11BSAG-HC711Commercial Vegetable Production (Practical)
12.BSAG-HC712Vegetable Breeding and Seed Production (Practical)
13.BSAG-HC713Forcing Techniques in Vegetable Production (Practical)
14.BSAG-HC714Commercial Floriculture and Landscaping (Practical)
  • Plant Breeding, Genetics & Biotechnology
S.No.Course CodeCourse Name
1.BSAG-PGB701Genetics of Crop Plants
2.BSAG-PGB702Cytogenetics of Crop Plants
3.BSAG-PGB703Theory and Practice of Plant Breeding
4.BSAG-PGB704Breeding of Field Crops
5.BSAG-PGB705Crop Experimentation
6.BSAG-PGB706Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation
7.BSAG-PGB707Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics
8.BSAG-PGB708Genetics of Crop Plants (Practical)
9.BSAG-PGB709Cytogenetics of Crop Plants (Practical)
10.BSAG-PGB710Theory and Practice of Plant Breeding(Practical)
11BSAG-PGB711Crop Experimentation (Practical)
12.BSAG-PGB712Plant Tissue Culture and Transformation (Practical)
13.BSAG-PGB713Molecular Biotechnology and Genomics (Practical)
  • Agri-extension, Economics & Business Management
S.No.Course CodeCourse Name
1.BSAG-AEB701Visual and Graphic Communication
2.BSAG-AEB702Communication and Information Technology
3.BSAG-AEB703Behavioural Skills for Human Resource Development
4.BSAG-AEB704Micro Economic Analysis
5.BSAG-AEB705Macro Economic Analysis
6.BSAG-AEB706Financial and Project Management
7.BSAG-AEB707Retailing and Supply Chain Management
8.BSAG-AEB708Visual and Graphic Communication (Practical)
9.BSAG-AEB709Communication and Information Technology (Practical)
10.BSAG-AEB710Micro Economic Analysis (Practical)
11BSAG-AEB711Financial and Project Management (Practical)
  • Plant Protection
S.No.Course CodeCourse Name
2.BSAG-PP702Biocontrol and Integrated Pest Management
3.BSAG-PP703Pesticides and Plant Protection Equipment
4.BSAG-PP704Biocontrol and Integrated Disease Management
5.BSAG-PP705Post Harvest Diseases & their Management
6.BSAG-PP706Plant Nematology
7.BSAG-PP707Plant Disease Diagnosis (Practical)
8.BSAG-PP708Apiculture (Practical)
9.BSAG-PP709Biocontrol and Integrated Pest Management (Practical)
10.BSAG-PP710Pesticides and Plant Protection Equipment (Practical)
11BSAG-PP711Biocontrol and Integrated Disease Management (Practical)
12.BSAG-PP712Post Harvest Diseases & their Management (Practical)
13.BSAG-PP713Plant Nematology (Practical)

Semester- Eighth

S.No.Course codeCourse Name
1.BSAG 801Rural Experience
2.BSAG 802On-campus learning
3.BSAG 803Industrial attachment (Off campus)
4.BSAG 804Documentation, reporting and presentation